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5 Symptoms Of Cataracts

Working to see your best can be hard if you begin to experience several unwanted symptoms. One of the common eye problems involves having cataracts. It's ideal to know if this is the reason for your vision issues. Being aware of some of the top symptoms of this condition may be helpful to you.

Symptom #1: Blurred vision

Do you have a hard time seeing an object clearly? If so, you may be experiencing blurred vision, and this is one of the usual symptoms of having this vision concern.

Symptom #2: Sensitivity to light

Dealing with eyes that are sensitive can be painful to deal with all the time. It's important to find out what is causing the excessive sensitivity to light and glare.

If this is the case for you, it's important to schedule a visit with your eye doctor for a full exam to determine if you have cataracts.

Symptom #3: Difficulty seeing at night

Do you avoid driving at dark because you can't see like you once did? If so, this can put a damper on your social life, and it may be ideal to get help to allow you to see better.

If cataracts are the cause of your visions concern, it may be necessary to have surgery in some severe cases.

Symptom #4: Changing glasses often

Using corrective visual wear to assist you in life is common and especially so as you begin to get older. If you feel you need to change your reading glasses, contact lenses or prescription glasses more frequently than you used to it's ideal to talk to an optometrist about this.

Symptom #5: Double vision

When you see two objects when there's only one, this could mean you have a problem with your eyesight. It's even possible for this to happen in only one eye and it's important to get this checked out by a professional if this happens to you.

The key to having the best eyesight you can rest in seeing a professional and having a thorough eye exam; this can allow you to determine if you do have cataracts and then there will be a plan put in place to treat this condition in the best method for you. Be certain to take the adequate amount of time to find the right eye doctor in your area to assist you with your symptoms and getting to the root of your problem today!