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Rhinoplasty Surgery Services Can Address Various Medical Conditions

Rhinoplasty procedures are often used to change the appearance of the nose. However, many patients are also interested in functional rhinoplasty techniques. The structure of a person's nose can cause genuine medical concerns. Certain rhinoplasty procedures will fix breathing problems, giving people the chance to live more comfortably and safely. 

Patients With Enlarged Nasal Bones Can Benefit from Rhinoplasty

The human nose looks simple, but it has a number of different internal components. There are elongated, curved, and narrow nasal bones that change and improve the quality of the air that patients inhale. These structures can certainly develop problems. It's common for them to get too big, especially when the patients in question have chronic issues with allergies.

When that happens, patients will be more prone to infections, bloody noses, and breathing difficulties. Surgeons will be able to prevent and fix all of these problems by using a relatively simple rhinoplasty procedure. People who have allergies may also develop problems with nasal polyps, which can be removed surgically. 

Rhinoplasty Procedures Can Be Used to Get Rid of Large Nasal Polyps 

When nasal polyps are small enough, people might not even notice them. However, when they've reached a certain size, they can cause infections and a number of different symptoms that are often associated with other infections. Patients might end up getting runny noses all the time. Some patients might even start to experience difficulties with smelling or tasting anything.

Getting the right rhinoplasty procedure might help some patients get those abilities back. Nasal polyps can regenerate even after they are removed, so the underlying issues may still need to be addressed through medication. When a patient gets a rhinoplasty procedure in order to fix a deviated septum, the results will typically last. 

A Deviated Septum Can Have Side Effects That Rhinoplasty Procedures Can Eliminate

Not everyone who has a deviated septum should just learn to live with it. When a condition like this is left untreated, the soft nasal tissues could slowly become damaged. In the meantime, people with this issue might have a hard time breathing effectively. A deviated septum can also change the sound of a person's breathing, which can have social consequences. Many people who have this condition will now explore the available surgical options. Every patient deserves to have a functional nose, and some patients will need functional rhinoplasty in order to get to that point. 

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