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3 Reasons To Choose Cremation Over A Traditional Funeral

After a loved one passes on, it's necessary to start making funeral arrangements. One of the more affordable options today is cremation. It comes with many benefits compared to a traditional funeral that you should strongly consider. 

Save on Costs 

Probably one of the most common reasons why people opt for cremation, as opposed to a full-blown funeral, is because of the costs they can save. Instead of investing money in a casket -- which can range into the thousands, you just have to cover the cost of an urn. Most urns today average around a couple of hundred dollars.

There are some cremation companies that will let you use an urn that you already have, helping you save even more money. Additionally, cremation saves you from having to spend extra money on a funeral plot and grave marker. All in all, cremation is one of the best options for honoring a family member if you're on a tight budget. 

Easier to Handle 

After losing a loved one, you may be an emotional wreck. The simplest tasks may prove quite difficult, and this cycle may continue for months. Fortunately, cremations are much easier to handle compared to traditional funerals.

You don't have to worry about inviting a lot of people or planning too much financially. All that's required is selecting an urn, determining who should be present, and finding an appropriate location to spread the ashes if they're not being kept. Cremations are also much quicker than traditional funerals, which is important if you're still trying to grieve in private. 

Better For the Environment 

Death is a natural part of life. It happens every day, and with traditional funerals, more land is disturbed to get grave sites ready. A more eco-friendly option for the planet is cremation.

You may choose to keep the remains in the urn, in which case no land has to be prepped and potentially contaminated by humans. Even if you do want to spread some of the ashes, very little land will be disturbed. Also, no toxic chemicals are used during the embalming process for cremation. 

Losing a loved one is perhaps the hardest thing to deal with in life. It's important to move forward, though, and consider cremation services as a way to honor them. Cremation comes with so many benefits that can make this entire grieving process easier to get through for everyone in your family. Contact a home, like Morris Nilsen Funeral Chapel, for more help.