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What to Do If You Board Your Pet and Your Pet Needs Vet Care in Your Absence

 So, you are planning on boarding your pet with a pet boarding service for a couple of weeks while you and your family are out of town. At least you know that your pet will be well-cared-for, but what happens if your pet is somehow injured? While this would be an unexpected event for both you and for the boarding service, it might be a really good idea to prepare for it in advance. Here are a few preparations you can make, just in case.

Sign a "Consent to Treat" Form

Most boarding services include a "consent to treat" form. This form collects information from you about your veterinarian. It also grants the boarding service permission to take your pet to the vet in your absence when your pet exhibits signs of not feeling well or if your pet was accidentally injured while playing with some of the other animals during playtime. If you do not want your pet to run and play with the other pets, you can also sign a form and request that your pet receive alone time with a caregiver.

Notify Your Vet That You Are Boarding Your Pet

Your vet may be quite surprised to have your pet brought in by people your vet has never met before. He/she may be surprised to receive phone calls from a boarding service, too. Just in case your boarding service needs to take your pet to your vet, it is a good idea to notify your vet that you will be out of town for a couple of weeks. Let your vet know that you have provided the vet's name and clinic information to the boarding service for emergencies. That way, your vet will not be surprised by strange phone calls or strangers bringing your pet into the clinic for medical treatment.

Request Notification If the Vet Bill Will Exceed a Certain Dollar Amount

The last thing you want is to come home, pick up your pet from the boarding service, and be served with a vet bill in the thousands of dollars range. You have a right to request, in advance, a phone call or notification of vet care that may exceed a certain dollar amount. The boarding center should, at the very least, notify you that they are taking your pet to the vet for specific reasons. Then you can confer with your vet, if you need to, about the bill.

​When you need to board your pet, contact a pet boarding service, such as All Pets Hospital Ltd, and keep these tips in mind.