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Five Reasons To Choose A Rehab Center Near You

If you have decided the time has come to enter rehab, you have a lot of big decisions to make before you officially enroll in a program. One of the first decisions you'll need to make is whether you want to attend rehab close to home or out of state. While some people do choose an out-of-state rehab if they like the particular program or have specific ties to the area, in most cases, you're better off choosing a rehab center in your local area. Here's why.

1. There's a greater chance it will be covered by insurance.

Most health insurance companies will cover rehab, but only under certain conditions. One of those conditions is often that the rehab center needs to be within their provider network—and that provider network is often local to your area. Before you choose a particular rehab center, reach out to your insurance company and ask what centers they coordinate with. You may even need your primary care physician to refer you to a particular center—in which case, you can count on a local center being the one they recommend.

2. You're less likely to back out.

The decision to go to rehab is a big one. Even if you are confident right now that rehab is the right choice, you can count on questioning that decision at some point during the process. If you need to travel across the country to attend rehab, this gives you a lot of chances to back out. You may not get on the plane, or you may not take that final taxi to the center. Attending locally gives you fewer opportunities to back out. You just have to convince yourself to get in the car and go. You're held more tightly accountable—which is important when you're facing addiction.

3. Your family will be close by to support you.

Often, family members play complex roles in addiction and your recovery process. Most rehab centers like to have family members come in for group sessions and to check in on their residents during the treatment program. If your family members have to travel for hours to reach the rehab center, they will have a harder time fitting this into their schedule, and you will not get the benefit of their attendance. When the rehab center is local to them, on the other hand, they will have an easier time attending. You'll get the opportunity to work through your challenges with them in a supportive environment with a therapist. This can be integral to your recovery.

4. You don't have to pay for transportation expenses.

Rehab can be expensive. Even if insurance covers most of the costs, you'll usually have to pay for something out-of-pocket. You don't need the cost of an airplane ticket or gas added on top of the cost of rehab. When you attend locally, you don't have significant transportation expenses to worry about.

5. You can come home if needed.

Rehab is a different experience for everyone. It would seem like the best option is always to remain in rehab for the entire treatment period, but sometimes, coming home for a period of time during the rehab process actually is the best choice. You may need to attend a family party, or you may just need a break from inpatient treatment. When you attend rehab near home, you are not stuck at rehab the same way you are when you attend far away.

Look into rehab near you, and make plans to attend the one you like best. In most cases, you're better off going locally than traveling.