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Should You Hire an MCAT Tutor or Attend Group Classes?

If you are planning to take the MCAT in preparation to apply to medical school, then you are probably starting to explore your study options. Most people either hire a private tutor or enroll in a class to review material for the MCAT. Which approach is best for you really depends on your preference and background. Here's a look at the advantages and disadvantages of both options.

Private MCAT Tutors

When you work with a tutor, you can focus on the material that you know the least. If there is a topic you are already very well versed in, you can skip it and spend the extra time working on the material you need more practice with. Your tutor can also amend their teaching style to meet your learning needs since there are no other students to accommodate. For instance, if you are a very visual learner, they can use more diagrams when teaching you. If you have questions, you can always stop your tutor and ask them without worrying that you're holding up the class.

The downside to working with a private tutor is that it can be more expensive than attending a class. You may also be more tempted to skip sessions since you can reschedule with your tutor. 

MCAT Classes

One advantage to taking an MCAT class is that there will be other students there who you can form friendships with and collaborate with. If you are the kind of person who learns best in a group setting, you may get more out of taking a class than having a private tutor. A class also meets on a regular schedule, which may help keep you accountable if you're the kind of person who tends to procrastinate.

The downside to taking a class is that the teacher will move at a general pace, which may be too fast for some students and too slow for others. You won't have as much time to get your questions answered since other students will require the teacher's time and attention, too. When the class encounters topics you know well, you may not feel like you're getting a lot out of the sessions.

If you learn better in a one-on-one setting and don't need a lot of group interaction, hiring a private MCAT tutor is usually the better choice. However, there are plenty of classes out there for students who prefer to learn with others.