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4 Way To Take Care Of Your Hearing Aids This Summer

The summer sun is on its way, which means that it is going to start getting hot outside. If you have hearing aid, summer time also means that you need to be more vigilant with taking care of your hearing aids to ensure that they last.

Take Your Hearing Aids Out Before Getting into Water

You may already take your hearing aids out when you shower or take a bath. Keep in mind that you should take your hearing aids out whenever you may be exposed to water, such as when you take a dip in the pool or when you decide to go for a swim in the local lake or river. Any time you want to get in a body of water and your head will be submerged under water, you are going to want to take out your hearing aids so that they don't get damaged.

Put on Sunscreen Before Putting in Your Hearing Aids

Wearing sunscreen is an essential way to take care of yourself and defend your skin against burning and cancer. However, the oils in sunscreen can be damaging to your hearing aids.

You should put on sunscreen before you put your hearing aids in for the day. Make sure that you rub the sunscreen into your skin really well. This will help prevent the transfer of oils onto your hearing aids. Be sure to then wash your hands thoroughly before putting on your hearing aids. If you need to reapply sunscreen throughout the day, keep it away from your ears, rub it in well, and wash your hands.

Remove Your Hearing Aids When Exercising Outside

If you are going to exercise outside when it is hot, make sure that you take out your hearing aids. All of that sweat that your body generates, combined with the heat and humidity, can cause damage to your hearing aids. If you like to exercise outside in the summer, exercise early in the morning before it really starts to get hot outside.

Allow Your Hearing Aids to Dry Out At Night

At night, take off your hearing aids and open up the battery door on your hearing aids. Allow your hearing aids to dry out. Air circulation can help remove and relieve moisture that gets inside of your hearing aids from sweat and just from moisture in the air. Airing out your hearing aids every night can help them last longer.

This summer, try to minimize your hearing aid's exposure to sweat, water, and oils. This will help your hearing aids make it through the summer without getting damaged.