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Recovery Tips Following Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Getting Breast Reconstruction surgery is a life-changing event. If you are about to have this surgery, it is only natural for you to be a little bit apprehensive. Aside from knowing what to expect before and after surgery, you should start looking at how you are going to make your life as comfortable as possible after surgery. Here are some helpful suggestions.

Reduce The Purse Weight

If you usually carry around a heavy purse, you need to clear out some of the unnecessary contents before surgery. Carrying around a heavy purse will be painful after surgery. You may not even able to lift it. Go through the contents of your purse beforehand and find the things that you really need and keep those in it. Throw out all the things that are not necessities. Additionally, you may want to think about carrying a smaller purse if you have to go out since this will be easier to handle.

Choose The Right Clothing

Bear in mind that you will probably need a new wardrobe after you have surgery. Make sure you have loose fitting clothes readily available in order to prevent discomfort. Try adding lots of button-up shirts and pajama tops to your wardrobe since this prevents you from having to put clothing over your head. Make sure you have slip-on shoes and slippers since shoes with laces and buckles will require a lot of bending which can cause irritation and pain. Also, remember to put your comfy clothes at the front of the closet and in the top dresser drawers for easy access so that you won't have reach or stretch too much.

Pamper Yourself Before Surgery

After surgery, you will probably not be able to manage some of your common beauty routines. For example, if you like to do your pedicures yourself, you should do them before surgery. Otherwise, you are going to have to live with less than perfect looking toenails after surgery or pay to get them done. You simply won't be able to manage all that bending or stretching to reach your toes after surgery. You should also shave or wax your underarms ahead of surgery. This beauty treatment will be too awkward and painful after you have had surgery.

Recovery from your surgery is stressful, by preparing yourself ahead of time for the simple everyday tasks that may become challenging after surgery, you will have less frustration. Once you avoid these frustrations, you will be well on your way to a more comfortable recovery. For more information, check out a website like