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An Office Chair Massage Helps Fight Stress And Muscle Strain

Stress is common in the workplace, and that leads to a number of health issues. Stress and tension are often held in the neck, shoulders, and back. A massage helps relieve the physical tension associated with stress, so the mind can relax as well. A good way to take advantage of the benefits of massage in a way that doesn't take much time or disrupt your routine is to have a chair massage right in your office. Here's a look at how it's done and how it can help.

A Massage Therapist Comes To You

A massage therapist comes to your office and brings along a massage chair. You won't have to disrobe or stretch out on a table and get sleepy. Instead, you sit in the chair and lean forward, so your shoulders and head are supported by cushioned pillows. This allows the therapist to have access to your back, shoulders, and neck area. You can bring in a massage therapist to massage you in your office, or if you have a few employees, the chair can be set up in a break room so your employees can stop in for a quick massage too.

A Massage Relieves Physical Tension

If you spend long hours working at a computer or hunched over documents, your neck and back will get tired and sore if you don't maintain proper posture. It's often difficult to hold proper posture when you get tired or bored, but slumping can lead to further strain on your muscles. A massage helps work out the soreness in your muscles from the strain of your work. Massage increases blood flow to the tissues so that they're energized and receive the nutrients they need to rebuild and stay strong. Massage also breaks up tissue adhesions that lead to pain and prevent healing of strained muscles. You get benefits from massage even when it's done in a chair.

A Massage Can Uplift Your Mood

Sometimes a massage is so relaxing that you can't stay awake and it leaves you calm and peaceful afterward. This type of massage is beneficial for your mental state and may be appropriate at the end of the day. However, if you have a massage in the middle of the workday, you don't want to get tired and wind down after. Instead, you want to be uplifted, energized, and ready to tackle more work. 

A chair massage is a good way to get the benefits of relaxation and release of muscle tension without being lulled into sleep. You should feel a shift in your mood that leaves you with less stress and calm, yet alert and feeling good. A chair massage focuses on the areas of your body that have the most stress from work, unlike a traditional massage that works on your entire body. The goal of a chair massage isn't full-body relaxation as much as it is to reduce discomfort and stress.

If you're working long hours or if you're working on a difficult project, then bringing in a massage therapist for a chair massage in the middle of the day could be a great way to recharge so you can keep working even when you're tired, bored, and bothered with muscle stiffness. For more information, contact a company like Body Well Mobile Massage.