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Breast Augmentation: More Than Just Cosmetic Benefits

Breast augmentation is often thought of as a procedure only designed to offer cosmetic benefits. However, breast augmentation is a medical procedure that provides so much more to people. Here are some of the often overlooked instances when breast surgery is helpful.

Psychological Concerns

The size of a woman's breast can have a significant effect on her overall appearance. For some woman, the size of their breast makes them comfortable and confident.

However, there are plenty of women whose breast size makes them feel uncomfortable and less confident. For some women, the size of their breast affects their mental health on a daily basis. A breast augmentation procedure for women in that category may be able to improve their mental health. 

Back Pain

Large breasts can put a strain on the entire body, but especially the back. Overly large breast are heavy. The weight of the breasts will generally put a strain on the back and cause discomfort, especially when the individual is not wearing a bra or is wearing an ill-fitting one.

For people with large breast, walking, sitting, and even sleeping can be a struggle. Breast augmentation is an excellent option for reducing the size of the breast so that it does not cause a strain anymore. 


Breast cancer affects a number of women every year. Some women are able to treat the condition and move forward with their lives, and others have to take more aggressive measures, such as a mastectomy.

When a person has a mastectomy, they are having their breast removed. The changes to their body make some women feel incredibly uncomfortable. In similar instances, breast augmentation is excellent because it allows a woman to have her breast reconstructed and her confidence restored. 

Weight Loss

In cases of extreme weight loss, a breast augmentation is a good option. After a person loses a substantial amount of weight, they typically have excess skin and their breast may lose some of their fullness.

If a woman had a lot of fat tissue when she was heavier, once she loses the weight, much of the fatty tissue will turn into saggy skin. A breast augmentation can remove the skin and restore the fullness of the breast. 

If you believe that breast augmentation will benefit you, speak with a surgeon. The reality is that the procedure is not for everyone. A physicians' main priority is to protect you. The doctor will sit down with you to determine if the procedure is the right option for you.