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How To Regain Your Ability To Walk After A Stroke

A stroke is a major health concern because of the devastating outcome. This condition occurs when the blood supply to your brain is cut off. It is one of the main reasons why someone becomes disabled. A stroke can also leave you paralyzed on one side of your body, which makes it hard to walk. Read on to find out how to regain your ability to walk after a stroke.

Go To Physiotherapy

If you are a caregiver to someone who had a stroke, then you want to make sure the person gets back to normal. Physiotherapy plays a huge role in your recovery. The focus should be on rehabilitation after your loved one becomes medically stable. Your rehabilitation plan may consist of speech therapy, physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

Your rehab plan is influenced by the severity of your condition. A rehab team starts stoke patients out with a variety of exercises. These workouts help with improving your balance, strengthen muscles, and teach you a new way to perform routine tasks.

A stroke patient may have difficulty with getting out of bed. This daily task is something you will relearn in rehab. Learning how to use crutches and a walker is something else you learn how to do in rehabilitation.

It is important to make a long-term commitment to physiotherapy. Caregivers also must be patient with their loved one's progress.

Get Physical Therapy At Home

Many insurance companies do not pay for long-term rehabilitation. It helps to look into Medicare to get home care nursing. The Medicare program may pay for someone to come to your home to do rehab and to provide other medical services. It is important to not allow your loved one to become stagnant after coming home from the hospital.

If you are going to discontinue rehab, then you should ask your physical therapist about workouts that can be done at home. These workouts are as simple as helping your loved one get to a standing position and progressing to making steps. After having a stroke, it is important to keep your joints moving.

Stay At A Nursing Home

A temporary stay at a nursing facility can help your loved one learn to walk again. This facility has a lot of resources that can help improve your ability to walk. They have lift machines that can help you out of the bed, and machines to help someone with standing in place. The nursing staff will put your loved one on a schedule to complete a rehabilitation program.

A stroke affects your entire body and your ability to function. However, families must provide support and stick to the rehab program.