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Change Isn't Always Easy: How To Help Your Child Cope With ADHD During The Summer

If your child has ADHD, the summer can be a difficult time. After all, during the summer, you need to find things for your child to do during the hours when they'd normally be in school. Unfortunately, those summer changes can make things very difficult for a child with ADHD. To help you and your child adjust to the changes, here are four steps you should implement now that summer is here.

Create a Summer Routine

During the school year, your child has a strict routine that they follow. If your child has been diagnosed with ADHD, it's a good idea to create a summer routine as well. Creating a routine will give your child the consistency they need to help them avoid meltdowns that can occur during moments of chaos.

Create a daily schedule that your child can follow, including specific times for mealtimes. You'll find that your child has a much more enjoyable summer with fewer meltdowns when they have a consistent summer routine to follow.

Encourage Outdoor Activities

Kids need to get outside and run around, including kids with ADHD. In fact, kids with ADHD may need to get outside more often.

During the summer, try to reduce the amount of screen time they receive and encourage them to engage in plenty of outdoor activities. If you find that your child resists outdoor activities, encourage compromise. Provide 15 minutes of screen time for every 45 minutes of outdoor play time.

Keep the Schedule Simple

During the summer, it can be easy to fill the schedule up with lots of activities and outings. Unfortunately, all those added outings can be tough on the child with ADHD.

To help your child cope with summer transitions, keep the schedule simple. Try to stick with one or two big outings a week, being sure to take plenty of rest breaks during those outings.

If you find your child becoming overwhelmed, find a quiet place for them to take a break for a few minutes. Once they've calmed down, you can return to the activity.

Ensure an Early Bedtime

Kids like to stay up and have as much fun as possible during the summer. However, it's still crucial that your child receives plenty of rest during the summer, especially if they have ADHD. To prevent sleep-related problems during the summer, you'll need to ensure an early bedtime. That way, your child will get plenty of rest and avoid those sleep-related difficulties that can accompany summer vacation.

For more information on helping your child, seek out an ADHD specialist for guidance and advice.