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Invasive Techniques Used To Treat Back Pain

If you have a lower back pain issue, then you should work with a pain specialist to reduce your discomfort. The professional will most likely start with non-invasive types of treatments and will move on to invasive ones if conservative treatments do not work. Keep reading to learn about a few techniques that may be employed.

Steroidal Injections

There are a few different types of injections that can be used to reduce back pain. The most common one is a steroid injection, which is commonly called a cortisone shot. These types of shots are commonly administered in the shoulder, knee, and hip, but they can be used in situations where herniated discs or other moderate to severe pain issues are noted in the lower back. 

The steroid helps to reduce inflammation and pain in the region, so you are able to concentrate on muscle strengthening, physical therapy, and other rehabilitation techniques. 

Cortisone injections are often painful for a few days after they are administrated. However, after a 48 hours period, you should start to notice a reduction in back pain. The relief should last several months, and you can receive another shot once the pain returns. However, there is a limit to the number of shots you can receive within a given year. This will be up to your physician. Also, since nerve damage is a concern with the cortisone, the injection treatments may be a short-term option with surgical procedures planned for the future.

Nerve Radioablation

Sometimes nerve damage will cause back pain, or your physician will be able to pinpoint the specific nerve that is sending pain signals to the brain. If the nerve needs to be located, then an epidural may be used on the nerves of your back until you feel numb an without pain. 

Once the nerve is pinpointed, it can be treated with heat to reduce its effectiveness in transmitting signals to the brain. This will, in turn, reduce pain sensations, but it will not often eliminate them completely. Heat is administrated through a needle to deaden the nerve. 

The treatment can reduce pain for months or years, depending on the nerve and the severity of the pain sensations. 

Another nerve technique involves the electrostimulation of the nerve with an implanted device. This type of stimulation is ideal for situations where pain radiated through the arms and legs. 

If you want to know more about back pain and the various treatments that can be used to help you, speak with a back pain clinic like Allegheny Brain And Spine Surgeons.