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Four Benefits Of Cryotherapy

Spending three to five minutes in a chamber that's -60 degrees Fahrenheit certainly does not sound pleasant. However, this treatment, known as cryotherapy, is sweeping the nation. That's because, as unpleasant as three minutes in the cold might be, cryotherapy has numerous benefits, including the following.

Treatment of Chronic Pain

If you suffer from chronic pain due to arthritis, a past injury, or some other condition, then cryotherapy can help alleviate the pain. The cold causes blood vessels to contract, which helps reduce inflammation in the area. A lot of pain is related to inflammation, so this may give you a few days or a few weeks of relief after your treatment. The cold can also help desensitize some of the nerve endings in the affected area so they stop delivering so many pain signals to your brain. 

Improved Mood

When you're exposed to extreme cold for a short period, your body releases a lot of feel-good hormones, like epinephrine and adrenaline. These chemicals can improve your mood and keep it that way for quite some time. If you struggle with depression or just general moodiness, regular cryotherapy treatments can be a good supplement to any medications or therapy your doctor has prescribed for the condition.

Reduced Risk of Dementia

Increasingly, scientists are finding that dementia is related to inflammation in the body. Cryotherapy can help alleviate inflammation, so when you undergo the treatment regularly, you may reduce your risk of dementia as you age. If you are already suffering from the early stages of dementia, undergoing cryotherapy can help slow down the rate at which your symptoms worsen. 

Better Skin Texture

Do you have a skin condition like acne, atopic dermatitis, or eczema? Cryotherapy can help restore your skin to a healthier texture. Again, this happens, at least in part, because cryotherapy helps ease inflammation—and most of these skin conditions are related to inflammation. Cryotherapy can also help stimulate blood to flow back to the skin once the treatment is over, and greater blood flow can help the skin heal itself and look smoother.

Cryotherapy is definitely not the most pleasant thing you'll ever subject yourself to, but it is safe as long as you work with a reliable technician—and it is very beneficial. Schedule your first appointment, and walk in with confidence. You may shiver for three minutes, but the next few weeks will be comfortable and healthy.