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Why Choose Endoscopic Breast Augmentation?

If you've decided you want breast implants, then you can choose between traditional surgical techniques and an endoscopic alternative. How does endoscopic breast augmentation work and what are the advantages of having this kind of surgery?

How Does Endoscopic Breast Augmentation Work?

Traditional breast implant surgery typically uses incisions on or under the breasts. So, this might involve making significant cuts around the nipples or under the breasts.

Endoscopic augmentation techniques work differently. Here, surgeons make smaller incisions in the armpits. They then use an endoscopic camera to see inside the surgical area and to create space for the implants. They then put the implants in and position them through the initial incision sites.

What Are the Benefits of Endoscopic Breast Augmentation?

One of the downsides of traditional implant techniques is the scars they leave behind. You may get the breasts you want, but you will also get some noticeable signs, either on or under your breasts, that you've had surgery.  

If you want a completely natural look, then an endoscopic procedure may well be a better option. You will still have some scarring after the surgery. However, these scars will be much smaller than the norm.

Your scars will also be hidden away and out of sight under your arms. They'll be much less noticeable. Your breasts themselves won't show any signs that you've had work done. This is more likely to give you the look you want and to boost your self-confidence.

You should also have a quicker recovery time with a less invasive endoscopic procedure. Larger incisions on and around the breasts can take a while to heal. You're likely to have some discomfort until things settle down. This is less of a problem with smaller endoscopic scars.

Endoscopic procedures are also less likely to lead to complications. In addition to the smaller incisions, the use of cameras gives surgeons a better view of their working area and more precise control.

So, surgeons can see the internal structure of each breast much more clearly. They can avoid too much contact with key areas like muscles, blood vessels and nerves. They don't have to use as much direct manipulation, so you shouldn't have as much internal bruising.

If you think your breasts need a boost, then an endoscopic augmentation procedure could be the best solution. To find out more about your options, contact a cosmetic surgeon for a consultation.