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Treatments You Might Find At A Medical Spa For Anti-Aging, Beauty, Or Therapeutic Relaxation

A medical spa is a combination of a traditional beauty spa and a dermatologist's or cosmetic surgeon's clinic. You'll see many of the same services you can get at a spa, but you can also receive medical treatments that help with acne, wrinkles, or other skin, hair, or body problems. Here's a look at some services you might receive at a medical spa.

Anti-Aging Treatments

Most spas offer some type of anti-aging treatments that reduce wrinkles or lift sagging skin. There are many anti-aging treatments, and many of them require special medical equipment, so every spa may not have every type of treatment available.

Anti-aging treatments may use lasers, injectables, dermabrasion, or chemical peels. Treatments like vampire facelifts and plasma pen treatments can reduce your wrinkles and give you a youthful appearance.

Beauty Treatments

Adults of all ages can enjoy medical spa treatments. Even if you don't have wrinkles, spa treatments can help prevent or postpone them for longer. You can receive treatments that make you feel more beautiful such as permanent makeup, microblading, or eyelash extensions.

Body Contouring

If you're at your ideal body weight, but you don't like the shape of your body, you might want to undergo body contouring at a medical spa. Techniques such as traditional, cool, or ultrasound liposuction can reduce pockets of fat around your stomach or thighs to give you a more shapely figure.

Scar Removal

If you have acne scars or a scar from an injury on your face, you may wish it could be removed. A medical spa might have a solution for you. There are different treatments for scars that can make them less visible or remove them. Microneedling, laser treatments, and chemical peels are possible treatments to consider.


A medical spa might offer more types of therapeutic massages, but you may still be able to have a relaxing massage as you would have at any other type of spa. In addition to different types of massage, you might find other types of relaxing or beautifying treatments such as aromatherapy, facials, hair masks, body wraps, and exfoliation treatments.

Hair Treatments

Medical spas offer different services, so if you want hair treatments, be sure to look for a spa that provides them. You might get hairstyling or extensions, but you might also receive treatments that help with hair loss. You might also have hair removal treatments.

Medical Weight Loss

Some spas offer weight loss diets with supervision. You might be placed on a specific type of diet so you can lose weight fast for a special occasion or to get ready for the summer. You'll be supervised by medical professionals to ensure you lose weight safely.

For more info, contact a local medical spa.