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2 Potential Complications Caused By Untreated Phimosis

When you have phimosis, your foreskin is tight, making it difficult to pull over the head of the penis without lubrication. You may have dealt with day-to-day struggles associated with the condition, such as difficulty urinating and erectile dysfunction. 

Just dealing with these issues may be enough to get you to seek help with treating the condition. However, there are a couple of potential complications that can arise with untreated phimosis which call for immediate medical attention.

1. Inability to Retract the Foreskin to Clean Underneath It, Leading to Infection

One potential complication that can come with untreated phimosis is infection. Since the foreskin does not easily move or retract all of the way back off of the head, it can be difficult to get the area beneath it clean.

If not cleaned properly and thoroughly, smegma will accumulate within the dark, moist area under the foreskin. When allowed to remain, this creates an environment where bacteria will thrive, leading to an infection that could travel into the urethra.

Since the infection will need antibiotics and other medical treatment, you will need to see a doctor right away if the area becomes red with off-colored discharge. However, if you can have the phimosis treated early on, you can avoid getting the infection in the first place.

2. Foreskin Becomes Stuck, Causing a Medical Emergency Known as Paraphimosis

Another complication that can come with phimosis is known as paraphimosis. This condition happens when the foreskin becomes stuck after retracting it.

If the foreskin becomes stuck and cannot be moved even with a lubricant, it will restrict blood flow to the head of the penis. This condition is not only extremely painful, but it could cause permanent damage if you do not seek emergency treatment. To prevent this serious complication, you should consider having the foreskin stretched by a physician so that it does not become so tight that it becomes stuck.

When you have a tight foreskin, the complications that often arise can be pretty painful, and sometimes, even dangerous. Not only can phimosis lead to an infection underneath the foreskin, but it could also lead to paraphimosis if it becomes stuck. Both of these conditions require immediate attention from a medical professional. Contact a physician in your area who offers phimosis foreskin stretching treatments. They will help alleviate the tightness and difficulties you are experiencing to help significantly reduce the risk of these potential problems.