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Four Services That A Pediatric Rehabilitation Center Offers To Help Your Child

Physical therapy can be important for rehabilitation from a disease, a surgery, or an accident. It increases your child's functionality, both physical and cognitive. A pediatric rehabilitation treatment center can be offered inpatient, especially after surgery, but it can also be outpatient, with your child visiting periodically for their therapy. The following are a few of the most common services available. 

Physical Therapy

There is a wide range of health issues a child may have for a variety of reasons, but a licensed physical therapist can help with the physical issues that affect your child's mobility. Various forms of exercise can help build strength in the arms and legs for better stamina. Dexterity can also be improved for balance and coordination. Learning to navigate a staircase can be taught, and for the very young, crawling can be taught. In general, developmental skills can be taught to those who have lost them through trauma or medical problems.

Occupational Therapy 

Daily skills that most of us take for granted can be a challenge for children who have had injuries, medical problems since birth, or surgeries. Pediatric occupational therapy is focused on these daily activities. Using physical therapy techniques, your child can learn to improve everyday physical challenges and give them the ability to function better. Improving their daily living skills can help them with coordination when engaging in play and learning. For adolescents, it can also assist in work skills.

Speech Therapy

Whether issues with speech are caused by disease, physical trauma, or surgery, speech therapy is an important part of physical rehabilitation. Therapists can improve a child's articulation of words, and therefore, their ability to communicate. For very young children or those with verbal disabilities, speech therapy can help to improve non-verbal communication skills. Increased communication skills can improve your child's social life.

Cognitive Skills

Cognitive disorders require a specialized treatment plan that fits each individual child. Part of a child's cognitive disorder may influence physical movement and speech, so there will be a plan that addresses a child's thinking. Both problem-solving and comprehension will be measured and activities will be used to improve your child's mental development.

Physical therapy is often looked upon with dread by both children and adolescents, but because a therapist has a specialty in pediatrics, they are able to tailor a rehabilitation program with specific goals that are achievable for your child. The progress made will help build confidence and increased mobility as well as occupational, speech, and cognitive skills. A physical rehabilitation center will offer outpatient services, along with inpatient services, so your child can continue physical therapy after their time in the hospital.

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