Autoimmune Disease Management 101: Fighting Back

Autoimmune Disease Management 101: Fighting Back

Frequently Asked Questions About Skin Cancer Cream

If you or a loved one received a skin cancer diagnosis, there are many different ways that this type of cancer can be treated. Some of the ways include burning the cancer out of the skin, having traditional or laser surgery to remove the cancer, undergoing chemotherapy, or using skin cancer cream. If skin cancer cream is given, you may have many questions about this t

Poison Ivy: Understanding The Rash And When You Require Medical Attention

One of the greatest things about summertime is getting outside and enjoying the weather. Many individuals and families alike enjoy going camping and hiking through the woods. While these activities are enjoyable, there is also the risk of coming into contact with poisonous plants, such as poison ivy. Some people aren't allergic, but others aren't so lucky. Those that

When To Be Alarmed During Wound Care (And When Not To Be)

Most of the wounds you sustain in your life are fairly minor. You can typically stop any bleeding yourself and generally avoid infection by keeping the wound clean and applying an antibacterial ointment. But unless you're constantly taking care of wounds (which is not unheard of if you play sports, for example), sometimes a variation in how a wound heals can look like

Understanding Otosclerosis And How It Is Treated

If you have a hearing problem, then you should understand that there are many causes of ailments and disabilities involving the ear. Also, certain ailments will affect different parts of the ear. Otosclerosis is one condition that involves the bones of the ear. Keep reading to learn about this disease and how it is treated. What Is Otosclerosis? Otosclerosis

Types Of Pain-Relieving Gels That Help With Joint And Muscle Pain

When you have problems with muscle soreness or joint pain, a pain-relief gel might be useful. An effective gel can reduce your reliance on pain medication and help keep you active by reducing pain. Pain-relieving gels work in different ways. Here's a look at some basic types of gels that might help your pain. Cooling Gels Some products contain an ingredient such as me