Autoimmune Disease Management 101: Fighting Back


How to Manage Back Pain

It is not uncommon for many adults to experience back pain these days. Whether it is due to an injury or improper posture, back pain can be debilitating and even cause you to miss days of work. Luckily, if you are willing to make some lifestyle changes, you may be able to manage this ailment. Here are a few tips for managing back pain. Wear the Right Shoes Believe it

Immunizations to Protect You While Traveling

Some vaccines will protect travelers against diseases that are not typically common within the United States. In addition to being immunized against region-specific diseases, a traveler should adhere to recommended and routine vaccines that a medical practice provides. Research And Provide An Itinerary Research the region that you will be traveling to. Review the type

Stage 1 And 2 Colon Cancer Symptoms You Might Overlook

Far too often, you hear of friends and family members who have been diagnosed with colon cancer, and the cancer is already in stage 3 or 4 at the time of diagnosis. Sadly, this makes the cancer a lot harder to treat, and the treatments end up being more invasive and intensive. There is a reason colon cancer is not always detected until these later stages, though. The

Some Things About Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle medicine focuses on preventative health care by way of lifestyle changes. Some of the things that lifestyle medicine focuses on include a healthy diet, proper physical activity, improved relationships, properly managed stress, improved sleep, and less tobacco use. You can learn more about these things that lifestyle medicine focus on when you continue readin

Treatment Options For Those With An Eating Disorder

Eating disorders are complicated. The body is affected, but it is actually a mental disorder. Eating disorders cause body dysmorphia, in which the patient believes they are overweight, or they have fat on their bodies that doesn't actually exist. They will starve themselves or will eat and then immediately vomit the food they have consumed to not gain any weight. Trea