Autoimmune Disease Management 101: Fighting Back


Treatment Options For Those With An Eating Disorder

Eating disorders are complicated. The body is affected, but it is actually a mental disorder. Eating disorders cause body dysmorphia, in which the patient believes they are overweight, or they have fat on their bodies that doesn't actually exist. They will starve themselves or will eat and then immediately vomit the food they have consumed to not gain any weight. Trea

Key Psychiatric Treatments For PTSD

PTSD can be really difficult to live with. Just when you think things are going well, something happens to remind you of your trauma. Sometimes, it can feel like you are in a downward spiral and like nobody understands what you are struggling with. Luckily, the field of psychiatry has come a long way in terms of developing effective treatments for PTSD. Here are a few

3 Kinds Of Surgery For Your Bunions

Bunions can be very painful to anyone who suffers from them. They can make walking painful and can make it very uncomfortable to wear shoes. Bunions occur at the base of your big toe and happen because your big toe gets pushed into your other toes. It can cause the bones in your toe to actually deform, which can make the whole situation even more painful. If you have

The Importance Of Undergoing Prompt Breast Cancer Treatment

When detected early, breast cancer can have a high survival rate. However, your survival as a patient depends on how quickly you get medical treatment for this illness. Instead of delaying care out of fear or denial, it can be vital for you to seek the medical services needed to ensure your survival. You can benefit significantly from undergoing prompt breast cancer t